At NA Pacific, our business provides the right solution for our OEM client through Product Development and direct sourcing;  Purchasing; Quality Control & Inspection services; Logistics and Inventory management solutions. We offer professional and multilingual experts proficient in distinctive nuances of Asian, French and English business cultures who clearly understand marketplace dynamics and the global economy.

Technology has improved data and information collection, as well as enabling communication globally to a level never seen before.   All cultures have become comfortable doing business internationally and our geographic footprint no longer has psychological barriers.   Governments are doing what ever they can to encourage and nurture international trade.  Competition has taken on new meaning in business as governments play an active role in who has the best trade balance globally.  Universities are harvesting new disciples regularly to fuel the growth of international trade.



When changes of this magnitude are upon us, business must either adapt or fade into the abyss.  Essentially what this means is that, today, it is commonplace for OEMs to simply take their needs direct to the supplier in Asia once they have achieved a certain level of growth within their own organization.  As one of our goals, we help this process along dependent on what our client needs.

Our Mandate:

  • Product development initiatives in correspondence with our OEM client’s ojectives.
  • Market development initiatives in collaboration with our client’s growth ojectives
  • We Implement lean methods between the manufacturer and our OEM client through logistics and inventory methods

To ensure that our OEM partner has a complete solution; to provide for them with multiple options under one management umbrella.