We only qualify a manufacturer/ supplier that have a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction. We audit their inspection process and final results regularly with our staff in China. We perform pre-shipment Quality Control Inspection.

The next step is the identification of a manufacturer supplier or subcontractors who can provide the necessary guarantees on all levels: qualitative, quantitative, legal and financial.
The identification of manufacturers in China is done extremely rigorously using 3 criterias:
1) An external audit, in order to put gather the first shortlist
2) Visits and inspections of factories, to validate the reliability of shortlisted suppliers
3) Assessments of the quality of production, to identify the candidates that meet the criteria of our business

Decisions are made based on criteria directly related to desired results and which include factors that drive success: the quality of company management; the importance of interpsersonal relations and an ability to communicate effectively; organization of the factory itself; capacity to produce; on-time delivery, statistical warranty claim data (below a standard level); and their ability to cross polluinate into other production areas if desired.