We take care of the manufacturing process for you

Business intelligence and creative distribution solutions to help our customers save money and work better.

We provide engineered sub-assemblies, private label manufacturing and parts kits in an effort to add value to the supply chain. Our lean methods lower our client’s manufacturing costs and improve their profitability.

As an integrated manufacturing solutions company, NA Pacific specializes in private label manufacturing, engineered sub-assemblies, and modular designs for customers in North America, Vietnam, and Europe. NA Pacific provides these products to all industries which includes manufacturing techniques such as metal fabrication, laser cutting, stamping, spinning, casting, injection molding, thermoforming, fiberglass, welding and final assembly. To support the timely and accurate fulfilment of our customers’ orders, we maintain offices in Asia (China and Vietnam) staffed with Engineers, Quality Inspectors, and Purchasing Agents including, Canada with our final assembly solutions. NA Pacific’s manufacturing network is global with specific locations in 4 countries (Canada, USA, Vietnam and China). By combining the best process with the right solution at the lowest cost, NA Pacific adds value to your supply chain.

Contract (Private Label) Manufacturing
Product Development
Quality Control Processes Globally
Inventory/Production Management
Multi-Lingual Team Globally

DC Motors for Salt Spreaders

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